Humanitarian Service for Children of Vietnam, great necessary job

In Hanoi we also collaborate with the NGO Humanitarian Services for Children of Vietnam (HSCV). This is an organization that is dedicated to helping people from rural areas without resources and also helps in the recovery of victims of human trafficking. We were going to work with 16 girls between 6 and 21 years old. The smaller ones came from rural areas, from families without resources that could not maintain them, and the older ones had been victims of human trafficking.


First we had a meeting to see how we could help. We met with Trang, and with her we agreed to hold a two-day workshop and a final performance where younger neighbors could also attend. The place where we would do the workshop was a little particular: It was the house where the girls were staying, so the space was very limited.

We decided to do the workshop and the show in the dining room, since it was the largest space in the house, but very limited, it was not very bright … but there was no other better option …


Finally the day arrived, Saturday. We went by motorcycle to the address where the girls live, once there they invited us to eat, we picked up the table and … to mess!

It was not easy to involve the group, they were very dispersed and did not seem to know where they were or if they wanted to do it … they kept looking at the phone, until we told them to leave the cell phones in the other room. As the workshop progressed the concentration increased, although they died of shame with the idea of ​​exhibiting in front of the group.


Some girls were very attentive and motivated, they did not understand where this was taking them but they found it interesting to find out … others directly refused or did not stop talking to each other … We did what we could, although we know it is not easy Do the work we ask for, requires risk and commitment, desire to concentrate and assimilate the difficulty of showing up in public, even to start some contact with your emotions … and I guess the dining room in your home is not the best place. Anyway, we continue …


The second day was the same as the first, the beginning cost a bit, we had to give everything to keep them motivated, to take them up, and little by little we were getting it. We did exercises of gestural interpretation, they made an effort and they made him want. So in the last exercise we made them think and represent a mini piece with some guidelines. That grace, they were dead of shame, but they threw all the meat to the spit and they removed it ahead !!!


Hahahaha … they were very funny, even the lady who takes care of the house, much older, made a wonderful performance, with calm, calm, showing emotion, it was really a lesson of experience, of knowing how to do, with much art. And after this demonstration the girls came up. Bravo!!!!

And at the end of the workshop, we went to the next room to prepare to do the clown number … We were exhausted! It had not been easy and we did not have time to get back together … we already had some children from the neighborhood and they had already prepared the public chairs … Come on! Dress, makeup, a hug, a kiss, a slap on the ass and butt! Let the show begin!


The music begins and I leave, in that small space, seeing faces of surprise, not knowing what to expect. As the smiles progressed they appeared, followed by laughter, the atmosphere warmed up, and everyone enjoyed it more and more.


The girls blushed with the signs of love, while the girls laughed at faces and the most ridiculous poses, contention gave way to understanding, and then to fun. And so we finish, with the loudest laughs and applause.


And it was good to say goodbye, give the collaboration by finished. So we gave thanks for letting us learn from them and with them, and they embraced us, and gave us a drawing to each one that the smallest, adorable ones had made! To eat them to kisses …





And without any more calories to burn we left, with a big heart, full of two days of emotions, of learning, and of the warmth of this house, of these girls and the smallest … See you soon !!!!


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