Digale Refugee Camp, sharing with children from the desert, and Caritas Somalia

The next collaboration was in the refugee camp of Digale, in Hargeisa, through Caritas Somalia. It is a field that is not in the city, but in the middle of the desert near Hargeisa, it is called Digale refugee camp. The refugee camp was formed due to the harsh drought conditions of Somalia, Ethiopia and Djibouti, and also due to the numerous conflicts between these same countries.

After crossing a few kilometers through the desert we found the refugee camp, full of the logos of NRC and UNHCR. The place assigned to make the workshops was the social center of the field. It is about facilities with some rooms, a park with swings and a soccer field with beautiful artificial grass donated by the Arsenal Foundation! The truth is that it impresses such a soccer field, brand-new green, in the middle of the desert …

Because the first group was high, we had to do the first workshop on the football field. The 50 attendees, between 8 and 12 years old, were expectant, nervous and shy, not knowing what they had borrowed … And we started the workshop !!!!

At first it took a while, of course, we were looking for concentration and a bit of discipline, and we were on the grass of a football field, which even made me want to ask for a ball and play, but based on intensity and art, we got them hooked and they got involved to share with us.

In addition, as time passed, the entire refugee camp came to the site to see what we were doing; we had hundreds of people around, watching … it is not the best environment to get the children to let go … But despite all the distractions, everything was great, and the children were willing to play with us. s!

At the end of the first workshop we made the clown with the people who watched, interacting … and they started laughing! They loved being part of it, they were scandalized, they hid from shyness, they fled … but always with a lot of laughs !!!!

The second workshop we decided to do in one of the rooms available to have a little more privacy … It was about the teenagers … This was very good, they were happy and grateful to share that time with us. We had a great time together, and they got involved and made an effort in each of the activities we did … It was a joy, even the heads of the refugee camp laughed and encouraged the participants … All a gift …

So we finished the workshops in the digali refugee camp, after many emotions, having given everything, every effort and calorie, and in return, we got love, happiness and much laughter. We could not ask for better reward!

We rode in the SUV and returned to Hargeisa … Thinking and remembering the experience we just enjoyed, with each smile recorded on our person, without exception … That’s how we like to finish, reflecting on what we have lived … among thousands of sighs …

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