LEADS Sri Lanka, a committed organization

In Colombo we contacted LEADS, an NGO that is dedicated to the development of the most needy areas in Sri Lanka. They are involved in various programs related to family development, basic needs, education, in different areas of Sri Lanka. It began formally in 1983 to relieve human suffering. Since then they have done an excellent job for the most needy.

We contacted them, and agreed to share a little knowledge to apply it in their projects. The training was held in a room of the NGO building, and the attendance was 35 people, field staff assigned to different areas of the country.

They are very professional people so it was easy to get along and motivate us together. The activities were very fluid, everything according to their needs, we were conducting the training sharing experiences, suggestions and comments, very enriching …

It was also a pleasure to share the rest breaks, including the food, to comment on cases and needs of their work, their field experiences, together we were enriched by common experiences and knowledge.

The end of the workshop was a success, all the assistants were completely involved, motivated and hypnotized by the magic of the exercises that we proposed them !!!!! Even us, enjoying and chanting each exercise. The evaluation they gave us was great, they were delighted … We will see each other …

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