Who are we?


Hello, we are Mayra and Jaume, two Clowns from Barcelona, and we have created the Clown Science Dreams association dedicated to carry out Clown workshops and performances all over the world.

Clown Science Dreams was born from the need to share with the world and its people what we like the most, be Clowns, we share looks that tell us past and future lives, open mouths that absorb the good that we can offer, hugs that tell us how close we are. Through our illusion we explore all the corners of children and adults expressions. We share their needs and their generosity, and we accompany each other through the tingling of the heart. Thus, we listen to the voices and sounds that whisper common lives, and we share everything we can give and receive.

Clown Science Dreams is a non-profit association, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of children, young people and adults, belonging to environments with few resources and disadvantaged communities in vulnerable situations. We conducted Clown workshops, interpretation and travel emotions, all embraced by games, laughter and desire to grow. We perform Clown shows for children and adults, sometimes offering theater for the first time, a reflection of a vulnerable, human world, a graphic translation of what we all have inside. In addition, during the trip we created more shows to offer in all formats.

Under the mask of volunteering we give ourselves to the world, and step by step we learn to live.
Can you come with us!!?


We want to thank everyone who has made a small or big gesture to help us in our endeavor, on purpose or without knowing it. Thanks to them we keep doing what we do, all together, making the family bigger:
– Hotel Pomelo in Kathmandu for providing accommodation while volunteering in the Kathmandu Valley.
– Yujin Café for discounting us in the fabulous hambuerguesas that they serve … they are delicious …
– Maria Shelley for helping us create the Clown number, thanks for sharing your art !!
– Ae Chatchawan (Bo Sang) for giving us the beautiful paper umbrella that we use in the number of Clown and a fan of Thailand.
– Tailoring T.V.Chuong (Vientiane), for being a super nice grandpa who gave us a scrap of fabric to make the number scarves.
– Anonymous shoemaker in Vientiane for fixing my sandal without charge …

Thank you all!! Show must go on !!

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