JRSS, for Tamil development in northern Sri Lanka

The following collaboration was with Jesuits Reconciliation Solidarity Sri Lanka (JRSS), the organization that remained after the dissolution of JRS in this country. They are dedicated to providing professional training to improve development in this area of ​​the country where the Tamil population predominates.

Our contact was Father Benny, a very singular person who loves theater and who has promoted street theater in India and Sri Lanka. With him we went first to Vavuniya to see the JRSS offices and then to Killinochi where we conducted the training.

The workshop was aimed at the JRSS staff and the women who attend the vocational center, in total 24 people, who for two days shared their experiences with us and we were able to enjoy their enthusiasm and commitment to improve.

At first we all had a shy attitude, but little by little we were letting go, without conditions or limitations. As we progressed, the complicity increased and the help and experience of Father Benny helped us all to let go much faster, laughing and trusting.

At the end of the second day we took the group photo, after having enjoyed, having shared, having expressed freely and having come together in the same room to mix our cultures and share our experiences … All a gift for us and for our experience … We’re leaving happy to have met you !!

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