Daami Refugee Camp, in the heart of Somaliland with Caritas

And with Caritas Somalia we reach Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, an independent republic in the country of Somalia that nobody recognizes, not even Somalia … However they have ensured that it is a safe place to gain international sympathy in contrast to the dangerous Somalia.

There we made several very interesting collaborations through Caritas Somalia … And among them, in the Daami refugee camp. It is a refugee camp that has been absorbed by the capital of Somaliland over time, and now it is an urban refugee camp.

And once we arrived at the place we started to do work. It was a different experience … When we arrived at the room where we were going to do the workshop, it was already full of children … so far no problem … the only limitation we found was that instead of the 40 or 50 children who have our workshops as a maximum, massively expanded from the 30 maximums we normally do, we are about 120 children sitting on the floor waiting for us … All crazy!

We did reflection and instead of throwing half of the people we decided to improvise and adapt the workshop to the new conditions … It was very funny !!! full of energy!!! Everyone was super excited! giving everything! crazy to leave as volunteers … and also the adults of the place helped us to control the situation … It was great, everyone happy and sharing with us.

The conditions of the second workshop were going to be the same, about 100 students, the problem is that in the street there were many more adults fighting or that their children entered the room of our workshop … To the point that the man we had hired as security almost did not give to vast, not even with the help of one of the mothers, apparently head of the place, that with a shoe in hand drove away a large number of people …

Finally, the capacity was more than complete, and we were able to start our workshop !!! We had dozens of excited children willing to go out as volunteers, wrapped in the applause and cheers of all … The happy faces said it all, and that is our greatest reward … All together, different but equal, sharing , enjoying, discovering another way of looking at us, seeing our insignificant differences …

At the end we left, quite fast for safety … although there were still the children with whom we had shared, crashing palm trees without stopping, saying goodbye with light in their eyes, telling us until later … We left full of experiences and emotions … difficult to express what I am now feeling as I write those memories … the emotion is hard to describe … We will see each other again !!!

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