Smart Iqra Education Center, meeting Rohingya and Pakistan refugee children

The next school we went to is also in a suburb of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It is the Smart Iqra Education Center school. It is a small school where the majority of students are Rohingyas and Pakistani refugees. The building was quite new, although the number of students is high.

We carried out the workshop in the area that we could, since with the furniture it is difficult to do practical activities. We went out to the garden and exposed ourselves to the sun and the high temperatures, for a limited time … The children, it goes without saying that they were delighted, we started to play and enjoy.

Then we move to the shade, sweaty and agitated, prepared for the second part, the most creative, dedicated and personal, where we explore and share. All were delivered and motivated, enjoying every minute. As it progressed there were more and more willing volunteers, wanting to participate.

In the end we all said goodbye with gratitude and wanting more. We were exhausted but delighted, grateful for the gift that all of us children had given us. Remembering those faces of happiness and enthusiasm … Beautiful work ours …

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