Santisouk Montessori Preschool, a gift in Vientiane

We are in Vientiane and we want to share part of ourselves with the local people. So we started sending emails right and left to find organizations to collaborate with. We got some answers from NGOs, like Enfants du Mekong, but we also got a surprise.


A pre-school school called Santisouk Montessori had heard about our project and proposed to organize a show at their school, they would do the promotion in Vientiane, and the purpose would be to raise funds for our project !! Can you believe it ?? Without hesitation we accept, first because we could act like that, and we already had mono …, second because we could not refuse such a nice gesture that we did not expect, and third … because a little economic support is not bad for us on this long trip …


So we met with them at school, we met Caroline, the director, who told us from the first moment how excited she was to help us and show something different to her students. He also showed us the fantastic space they have at school: a great garden with grass and large trees, they wanted to jump, roll, run, jump, scream, draw a sword, defend the castle, train the dragons, return to our spaceship, cross the narrow cliff !! … ahem … sorry … what I was saying … the space was magical to make the show.


And the day arrived. For a change there were not too many people and it was time to start … so we waited a few more minutes to start … Meanwhile, we concentrated and outlined preparations, everything was ready, we took a look outside and it was full !!! There were about 100 people … Great! This promises … to start the show !!!!


Moments before leaving the music sounds, all silent, expectant, what will happen? Suddenly the painter comes out, with his absent-minded pose, dazzled by the landscape, the children start to get along with him, the first laughs begin, they have been waiting for days, but the clowns are here!


The show takes place with a complete fusion between audience and actors, the children, impatient, get up to see it closer, to interact, the atmosphere is filled with laughter, auguries and comments, all participate.


At one point, we require a volunteer and, instead of getting up alone, we are surrounded by children eager to be part of, participating in what they have already assimilated as theirs, a scene in which they want to appear! Hahahaha … so … to improvise !! Integrating the audience choir into the show we reach the end, look at the audience, sigh, and retire, leaving behind an experience full of smiles and games, with a heart full of all those who have shared this little time with us, a time that we take and we hope that everyone present also …


We can not close this experience without thanking the Santisouk Montessori pre-school school, mainly Caroline, and all the attendees, for the enthusiasm and support they have shown us, to give us more momentum in this trip and continue sharing.

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