Sano Sansar (Petit Món), a very very special house

The next collaboration was very very nice. Hugging Nepal, (we will tell you about them in another post) passed us the contact of Montse, a girl from Barcelona who works and lives in Kathmandu, for the Catalan foundation Petit Món, which translated into San Neo is Sano Sansar, among many projects they they manage a shelter for children and young people without resources.


Petit Món is a Catalan association, founded by three sisters from Barcelona, ​​which carries out several projects in Nepal, India, Burkina Faso and Barcelona, ​​with the aim of improving the quality of life of the most needy groups, making sure to give them a future best. And all the projects, at least in Nepal, which are the ones we met at first hand, are managed wonderfully and above all with a lot of love and affection.

The house is home to 30 children of different ages, from 6 years, Sadán, a beautiful child’s toy that you fall in love with, even teenagers like Asok, who is always making jokes, in a good mood and with an exquisite treatment, or Karen , a sensitive and kind musician … Besides those who no longer live in the house because they go to university and begin their independence, also assisted by Petit Món.


Through private donations, Petit Món provides everything they need, a well-equipped and clean home, food, clothing, all the education they want, even young people studying careers in India because they are not taught in Nepal. And also, and most importantly, they give them a lot of love!

From what we saw, the biggest responsible for having so much love is Montse, a beautiful person who lives with them in the house. It makes them a bit like a mother, a friend and a teacher … You just have to go there to appreciate it.

When Montse arrives at the house they are surrounded by half a dozen children and young people in search of attention, advice, permission, material or money … really, I would have lost my patience quickly … but she manages it in a masterful way. .. with immense patience … He left us in love !!!

We are his admirers … This also translates into children, we feel a lot of love while we share our time with them … just being in the house was an experience of love, seriously … we do not fall in love with the environment !!!

With Montse we committed ourselves to collaborate in the projects that Petit Món has in Kathmandu and surroundings. And Montse let us live meanwhile in a flat that the NGO has available, a luxury that gave us a break …

The first collaboration we did of course was at the Sano Sansar shelter.


We did 2 days of theater workshop and one performance. So get to work!!!! The workshop we did with the youngest ones, which were some junk, and very funny! They had just left school, so they came wanting to party.


With Mayra we saw it clearly, we are going to do more physical exercises at the beginning to reduce some of the energy … hehehehe …


Everything went smooth, they loved the activities, being able to represent stories, show off in front of the other members of the house, imagine, create and laugh all together … They are happy and loving children!



The two days of workshops were great, between laughter, jokes, confidence, creativity, imagination and many situations of brothers, as in a large family, or better than in many families …


And then, clown show. We decided to do it on the terrace of the house because it is the largest space, perfect for the number, the only problem is that we had to wait for all the children to return from school, and that compromised the light … well, we would have to exaggerate more the gesture…

We prepared everything, the local director of the NGO, Mr. Rupak would make us sound technician and camera operator Asok … of the Gopro … hehehe … Let the show begin!


As usual, they are not accustomed to seeing the type of clown we offer, less circus and more theatrical, so the first moments are stupor, followed by some laughter, to catalyze the general outburst of laughter. It was evident that they were enjoying it, we were enjoying it !!!



We ended the day by having your daily Dal Bat and a piece of potato omelette that we cooked for them, specifically 3 tortillas made with 24 eggs and 1 kilo of potatoes …



And so we spent the time all together, surrounded by the daily commotion, that of each day, 30 happy and happy children enjoying and commented their moments …





There was no farewell because we would still be there for a few more days … We love it!!!!

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