Papa’s house, a home for happy children

And we are already in Nepal !!!! After crossing the border through Birgunj, as if it were another century, a lot of truck traffic mixed with carts pulled by oxen guided by men with skirts and turbans. We are headed to Kathmandu, but before that, 15 hours of bus waiting for us on tortuous roads …

There we expect a response from all the NGOs to which we had sent a request for collaboration. For many days there was silence. We coincide with the local festival of Dhasain, the most important of the year, which means a month’s holiday in schools.

The first NGO that answered us was Papa’s House. An NGO that is dedicated to giving education and a decent life to children without resources. We were told that there were only about 20 children in the house because of the holidays. Of course we were delighted to help them, excited about our first collaboration in Nepal.


The house was about 5 km from our hotel, so we decided to walk! In this way we gained a more global vision of the city, in addition to the more tourist center.


The house was beautiful because of its large garden covered with grass, with swings and a basketball court. We came to receive Michael, a great man who introduced us to everyone, teachers and children, all with huge smiles, were waiting for the arrival of the clowns!



After getting acquainted with the children, we decided to start the workshop, in the garden, on the refreshing lawn. The children were of very different ages, from 4 years old the smallest, to teenagers.


But we were able to do a combination of exercises so that everyone could have a space. They were very shy, they had a hard time doing exercises where they showed each other individually in front of the group, but as we went along the confidence increased and the tension gave way to fun.


How funny they were, especially the smallest, who kept running enjoying his two new legs, knee prostheses down.




The end came with a few simple improvisations that put everyone to the test, how funny, they were nervous and shy, very cute …




And the end of the workshop gave way to our performance. We prepared the stage, which of course would be on the lawn, we placed the bench of rigor and gave the guidelines to the improvised sound technician who was more nervous than if he acted …






For us, each performance is unique, we always get nervous moments before we start, so we live it more intensely … it does not tire us.


The moment arrived, the music sounds and we went on stage, the children very excited, finally the clowns! They have a great time with our nonsense, they love it and they let us know with their laughs and smiles, looking directly at us with those bright eyes, open like plates, open mouths, oblivious to the dogs that do not stop barking …






The scenes happen and the children crowd every time we ask for a volunteer. We enjoy your generosity, your enthusiasm and your ability to enlighten us with your innocence.



In the end applause and hugs, smiles and a lot of love … We would stay to live in that house without hesitation !!!! What a wonderful environment, it is exciting to be able to witness such altruistic works. We wish you the best of the world !!!! Lots of hugs and kisses.

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