Nepal Disable Association, Orthopedic Hospital, a place full of people wanting to laugh

The next collaboration was also through Petit Món, we will talk about them in the following post, they have been very special for us for all their help. This time it was a performance at the Shankarapur Hospital of the Nepal Disable Association (NDA) dedicated to spinal cord injuries and paralysis. Petit Món helps them greatly improve the living conditions of patients by donating essential equipment.

The latest acquisition was an electric wheelchair for a girl with cerebral palsy called Dolma. Dolma used to depend on someone moving her in a conventional wheelchair, and now, thanks to Petit Món, she can move at will … a contribution that changes a life …


We had agreed to do the performance at 12 pm with Krisna, a guy who is responsible for coordinating the activities of the section. So we arrived at the hospital, Krisna received us and with him we discussed the details, Karen, one of Sano Sansar’s boys would make us sound technician, we put the bench in the courtyard, where we would act and everything was ready.

We went to a room to prepare. Between hospital stretchers we changed clothes and we put on makeup, it did not take too long for us to give the signal of preparations !!! So he was spreading the word to Karen, who started the music … We went on stage!


There were children and adults there, mostly wheelchair-bound in a single line, eager to see the performance … At first they were stunned, they liked what they saw but it was not the version of clowns they expected … but little by little they were entering the story and they began to feel the first disturbances and the first laughs, we began the trip together through the imaginary of Soñando Brushes.


We also gradually let go, helped by the volunteers we took from the audience, a love of interventions that made the moment of all, sharing moments of this simple story that only pretends a smile …


In the end, all together we share opinions and comments: they liked it very much !! We liked to see that it had surprised them, that they did not expect something like that, we had brought the theater to their center and they had been able to taste it calmly.



It is very gratifying to be able to share moments like this, to be able to perceive the gratitude of people to whom we can change their routine a bit, to show life from a different perspective, and it gave us the impression that they needed and appreciated it.

Finally we made the group photo, a beautiful experience that leaves us a delicious taste … This fills us, gives meaning to this trip and everything we do!


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