Lamagaun, a small village with a smiling future

From the Chandeswori residence we took a bus to Lamagaun, a very small village in the mountains where the NGO Hugging Nepal is building a school.


Hugging Nepal was born out of concern by a group of people, most of them Spaniards living in Nepal, who, after the tragedy of the earthquake, came together to provide direct assistance to those affected by the disaster. From rebuilding schools, homes, to providing vocational training courses and / or help in refugee camps.


The bus took us to Ranipauwa, and from there we had to walk about 2 kilometers along a mud road, crossing tiny villages with people watching us as they passed by. It cost us his own to identify the “town” as it is about several houses scattered along the mountainside. Asking several people, we managed to get to the camp of the volunteers who were building the school.

The first to receive us was Mire, a great woman who dedicates herself to spend her vacations working to improve the lives of other people, after we met Lucas, a very important uncle also very dedicated, and finally Alfonso, a climber who was dedicated to work in Spain to later be able to travel to Nepal, help people with their work and teaching, and do some mountain expedition.


The volunteer camp was very picturesque, it was two tents covering a tents area and a long table, it was like the camp that comes out in the movies of expeditions of scientists in the Amazon … we liked it.


They left us the tent of a couple who was in Kathmandu at the time. We dined in a house next to the camp, a house made of mud and stone where two old men were responsible for feeding the volunteers based on Dal Bat … rice and a soup of lentils … Look he told us he had a little bad the theme of always eating the same … hehehe … no wonder, and also the Dal Bat is quite bland … The kitchen of the grandparents was all mud, and was on the side of the room main, or dining room.

The woman was cooking sitting on the floor, and we were waiting for our tray with Dal Bat sitting around her. We all dined together under the light of the fire and a lantern, they explained to us their past experiences and during their time there, and we described our trips. Very nice people that we loved to know !!

The next day, everyone woke up at 6 am to go to work. We slept until 7:30, had breakfast and went to school. The school consisted of two parts, a temporary shack where the youngest were, and further up the road an area with two buildings restored, by the earthquake, and a building under construction. In this second zone we agree with Álvaro, one of the founders of Hugging Nepal.


First we did the workshop with students from 6 to 10 years old. They were about 30 students, with faces of excitement to participate, super motivated, a taste … We started with the introductory exercises, and it was not easy … they were very excited !!! Hehehe … but little by little they were concentrating and the exercises went very well.


The final part consisted of making small representations … they were super funny with their noses … representing situations … to eat them!


Once finished the workshop, as always to run to prepare the number. We went down the hill a few meters to the shack where the youngest children were, there we would do the show for all the students.



They left us a room in the house next door to prepare us, change our clothes and make up, it was a corn grain warehouse … a country dressing room … hehehe …


Alfonso helped us by acting as a sound technician and arranging for the children to be placed in the public area, already designed to be in the shade.


So when everything was ready … Let the show begin! Ole Ole ole Ole!!!! From the first moment the children were condemned, motivated, willing to give everything!








And we took the chance to played with them, we shared the moment, their faces were a gift, they were amazed by seeing us, living our story, enjoying the moment, feeling the emotions that we raised them … without words, only laughter and emotion .. a gift for the soul, food for the heart … Although it sounds repetitive, we keep this moment so as not to forget it …


And after the show, the volunteers went back to their work and we picked up our things, with our backpacks on our backs, we said goodbye to our companions and we got rid of the road to Ranipawa … this time 2 km of ascent, with 17 kg in the Back, tired of the workshop and the show, it was sooooo long … but finally we got to the main street to wait for the bus that would take us back to Kathmandu.

It has been a great experience shared with an incredible people … we all carry you in our hearts.



And it was a pleasant news that Alfonso told us that the next day the children were repeating the exercises we had done in the clown workshop … that’s a very good sign … Ole ole ole!!

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