Lakshyam Ghaziabad, a school among rubble, an oasis of hope

Another organization with which we collaborated was Lakshyam. It is an NGO that collects funds to provide education to the population of the poorest neighborhoods of Delhi. It is not an easy task, not only they must collect funds to create equipment and pay salaries, but they must also ensure that these facilities are maintained and that children attend school.

Lakshyam works with three centers in Delhi, but due to problems of absenteeism we were only able to collaborate in two of them: Ghaziabad and Vasant Kunj.

The Ghaziabad school is located in the neighborhood with the same name, located in the northeastern part of Delhi. This school is a small building with three small rooms: an office, always closed with a padlock, a sewing room and a medicine service for the neighbors. Everything is surrounded by a concrete fence.

The children learn in a covered outdoor area, on a esparto carpet and with a blackboard. Inside the enclosure there is also a mini van with the name of Lakshyam that serves as a storage area, another abandoned car, some debris and a few demolished swings.

We were summoned at 10am, our contact was Aishwarya, with her we organized the children. Due to the variety of age, we decided to make two groups, and that day we would start with the older ones, from 8 to 12 years old. We had limited time since at 1pm another visit would come.

The children were very shameful, when we were in a circle the girls avoided being next to me, next to a man, we do not know whether out of modesty or shyness … hahaha … they were funny.

We started as always warming up, starting the group’s concentration, asking the children to pay full attention to what we were doing there … It was not easy, as often happens, but little by little everyone started to motivate themselves.

As we progressed with the exercises they got more and more into the interpretation, trying to do better, showing each other … all very focused !!! a love of girls and boys !!!!

The families, who waited for medication, from the room assigned to it, surrounded the students observing and commenting on the exercises they performed, curious and delighted with their antics …

In the end we lacked time for everyone to participate, but we would return the following week … So we said goodbye until the next day.

A week passed and we were there again. On this occasion Aishwarya could not come, so we tried to do the workshops without translation. We gather all the children. We were delighted to see that children had joined us who, the day before, were watching us from outside the premises … they were wearing their best clothes …

The warm-ups were repeated, most of them already knew them, so everything worked very smoothly. The following exercises were new and we needed translation … Luckily the teacher, who watched from a distance spoke a little English and helped us.

The interpretations of the kids were emotional, they all tried the best they could, some challenging a great shyness, others used to show themselves. As in the previous day, all the families surrounded the little boys who did the exercises, curious people enjoyed the interpretations of their children.

At 12:30 we prepare to do the show. We had everything ready when we gave the signal to start, and we appeared … The boys and girls were already motivated, any gesture and movement seemed funny. They received the shares generously and they were dying to leave as volunteers … So everything went very well. In this case I played sound technician myself, and that took away a bit of fluidity and brightness, but equally everything went well, all very clown and the children enjoyed it.

And finally we left, leaving behind children hungry for games, stimuli, curious and intelligent like any other children, but in an environment that does not help, to see if the good work of Lakshyam can help them to break the chain of poverty that tie them …

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