CanSupport, a life-giving aid (Part 2)

The next day of collaboration with CanSupport was Wednesday, the day dedicated to teenagers. After the first day we already knew the way, walking 2 km, journey by subway and another 2 km walking through Delhi … it’s already an adventure …

Arriving; there were the teenagers, resolving negotiations with CanSupport volunteers, picking up medication, sitting on the mats, or just waiting to start the activities reserved for that day … They had already advanced that they would have a clown performance, and they were waiting for the chance.

The person who received us was Mr. Pukhraj, a nice man of the Sikh religion, who always wear a turban. He told us that they would start doing a little meditation with them and that when we were ready we could begin to act. That left us with enough time, so we went to prepare a small adjoining room. There we put on our clothes and make up, and once ready, we let you know that to begin with …


Just appear and began the first laughs … In addition to all the public was predisposed, one of the volunteers did not stop laughing very loudly !!!!! … had a very contagious laugh, and did not stop laughing .. It reminded me of our beloved Ulla, a clown companion who loved to laugh … the best gift to act … Quickly everyone joined the party, laughing and interacting with the people …

This performance was special, for the abundant laughs, for the improvised games that flowed like rivers, everything was expensive !!! There were also people in the audience were quiet, they were having a good time … although in a bad, very bad time … We try to convey all our love with the look, with our gestures, making them participants in this story, all together.

In some cases they were amusingly stupefied, open-mouthed, they did not respond to the stimuli we proposed, especially the adults who accompanied the teenagers … At the end of the show we discovered that if they did not respond it was because they were blocked by shyness or by the surprise of the moment … a love of people!


The whole show was a gift that the attendees gave us, everything flowed from the first moment … a joy … At the end we shared the comments about the experience, the opinions were very good, they had enjoyed it … autographs !!!! We were very surprised! and he also praised us a little … hehehehe … we are not made of stone …


At the end Pukhraj invited us to eat, commenting on the importance of the emotional work of adolescents. Then we agreed to return the following week to do a clown workshop with the same teenagers … And it would be a pleasure !!! But what are you guys … it’s a pleasure to see each other again.



The days passed, and the next Wednesday arrived !!!! the day of the workshop for teenagers. We are headed to CanSupport !!!! We reached the first floor, this time the adults were in the first part of the main room and the teenagers in the second part, separated by a screen … There we started the workshop.

There were about 20 people, boys and girls. We start with the usual warm-up. We were aware that we had to lower the revolutions a bit, but it is also true that a little healthy march was going to make them enjoy themselves.


We made a circle, most were standing, and some sitting on a chair since they were too weak. The truth is that most of us endured all the time! You could see them enjoying …


It was a joy of motivation, participation and interest. They were delivered in each exercise. In the small improvisations, there were a couple of teenagers who saw innate qualities as clowns!


They did not pretend, they did not force, they simply came from the heart. Their actions were rich in detail, easy to follow, with a tempo of silent film … It was a joy of workshop, these kids are very motivated … Maybe we can do something a little longer … we’ll plan it !!! We will love it !!!!!

After our workshop Franky appeared, an American who was on vacation in India and who also volunteered. Franky came to give a very special gift, he distributed a yo-yo to each one and taught them how to use … The kids were very excited !!!! all concentrated with their yo-yo …


For them it was a great morning, with many surprises, emotions and above all love, that support we all need to know that things can go well, provide a smile, discover something, share a new moment, an emotion. So we end the day, with happy and happy people, between smiles and hugs … it is difficult to describe, we take it inside.

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